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Sweep Outback MC-Bukse, svart


Vennligst velg


Sweep Outback Bukse Reg Svart

Outback er en oppfølger av SWEEPs ekstremt populære Challenger Evo-serie, med materialoppdateringer og nytt design,
en gammel favoritt har blitt oppdatert for den moderne rytteren!

- SWEEP Polytech stoff.
- Touring cut profil.
- Forbedret separat avtagbar termisk fôr.
- Forbedret mykt nettingfôr som øker luftigheten til produktet.
- Spesielle reflekterende materialer.
- Justerbar midje- og benåpningsomkrets.

- To ventilasjonsåpninger med glidelås på lårene.


CE-Godkjent per EN17092-2022 level A



Looking back to the early years it is obvious how much our products have improved. During these years we have had the opportunity to work closely with some of the best riders in the world. Together with the riders we have won championships on national and international level. Co-operation with the professional motorcyclists gives us valuable feedback on how our products serve our clients even in extreme conditions. This ensures that we will always stay on top of the development and will be able to provide our clients with up to date, practical products and what is most important, products that will keep you safe.

Motorcycling runs in our family. Since the first motorcycles, the men in our family have been interested in these wonderful 2-wheelers.

Already in the early years of the 20th century my great-grandfather started motorcycling and from that on our family members have shared his passion.

Sweep brand was founded in 2001 and our main target has always been to provide quality products with competitive prizes for all consumers from beginners to professional bikers. Our aim is to develop and improve our products every passing year and to create innovative and fresh ideas for our garments. To achieve this goal our work requires a great amount of dedication and sacrifices.

The brand name originates from motorcycling term ”Sweep” which means the rider in the group that has most experience and reliability. Sweep is the one whose job is to ensure everyone else a smooth and safe ride all the way.

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